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Mechanical Engineer (Two)

1. Design the product system structure and parts according to technical requirements;
2. According to the requirements of the quality system, product design, technical specifications and production conditions of the enterprise, carry out improvements, acceptance of technical transformation projects, demonstration, implementation, improve the level of product technology, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase the rate of qualified products;
3. Diagnose, process and optimize the mechanical structure, and improve it in time to ensure the rationality and advanced design;
4. Responsible for formulating equipment operation and maintenance systems to provide solutions for workshop machinery assembly problems;
5. Responsible for the technical guidance of equipment installation and commissioning, and provide consulting guidance for workshop technicians to ensure that the equipment is operated in accordance with the correct operating procedures.

1. Bachelor degree or above, regardless of age, major in mechanical manufacturing and its automation, mechanical design and manufacturing;
2. Three years working experience in mechanical design, proficient in various 2D and 3D mechanical design application software, familiar with analysis software such as ANSYS is preferred.

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Overseas Sales Assistant (One)

1. Responsible for the promotion and maintenance of overseas markets and improve the local market share of the brand;
2. Collect market information, analyze regional market demand and competitors' conditions;
3. Assist in the production of materials, product technical solutions and product manuals for overseas market promotion.
4. Responsible for website and background maintenance
5.Assist technical personnel and foreign customers in technical exchanges and answers

1. Bachelor degree or above, under 30 years old, no gender restriction, bachelor degree or above in foreign trade or English related major, 8 major in English major is preferred;
2. Basic Office software operations
3. Have a strong sense of responsibility, be careful, pragmatic, and willing to work

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Overseas Sales Manager (one)

1. Responsible for overseas market development and sales, collect and understand customer needs, and complete quarterly and annual sales plans;
2. Assist in formulating relevant sales strategies, and implement and complete business development, brand promotion, and sales plans;
3. Participate in marketing activities such as exhibitions and industry forums to obtain relevant market information;
4. Efforts to develop new customers and maintain good cooperative relations with existing customers;
5. Actively communicate with technology and other colleagues to deal with related business, service and technical issues encountered during the project.

1. Bachelor degree or above, under 50 years old, no gender restriction, English major 8 is preferred;
2. Three years or more overseas sales or market development work;
3. Skilled in using English to communicate with customers on technology, business negotiations and writing related documents;
4, sincere, good character, love sales work, has a strong motivation for achievement and a wolf spirit of dissatisfaction;
5, with good communication skills, interpersonal understanding, keen insight and customer service awareness;
6, with the spirit of hard work, willing to engage in overseas market development for a long time, able to adapt to medium and long-term business trips.

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