CME is committed to providing complete reliability test solutions

CME have been provided many reliability test solutions for various fields such as aviation, aerospace, navigation, weapons, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, etc., which have been well received in the industry. CME helps engineer to evaluate the ability of product or packaging to withstand shock, vibration & impact during transportation and loading and unloading, so as to improve product and packaging design.

Case Studies
  • Calculation of basic parameters of centrifuge

    Through the analysis of the basic parameter characteristics of the centrifuge acceleration direction, acceleration value, velocity ripple, acceleration gradient, etc., effective methods for the design, use and measurement of the centrifuge are obtained.

  • How to choose centrifugal constant acceleration testing machines?

    There are two common types of centrifugal constant acceleration testing machines. One is the centrifugal box type, which is suitable for the constant acceleration test of electronic components and microelectronic devices; the other is the centrifugal arm

  • Common concept misunderstandings in transportation simulation test machine

    Misunderstanding 1: "Is the 3:1 strengthening factor of the transport platform better than 1:1? Is the higher the better? A higher factor can equivalently increase the test intensity and shorten the test time?

  • Fatigue Loading Test

    The fatigue loading test system converts the energy of high-pressure liquid into a reciprocating motion of an actuator through an energy conversion and amplification device of an electrohydraulic servo valve