When developing and designing electronic devices, the electronic components mounted in them need to be tested to determine whether they have the reliability to comply with their mounting environment and usage conditions. This testing ensures the device will achieve the target quality after shipment to market. CME provides reliability testing solutions including: shock testing, vibration testing, packaging testing, 6-DOF motion simulation test, climate testing, and centrifugal acceleration testing.

  • Introduction of High Acceleration Centrifuge Turntables

    The design and manufacturing technique of the high-acceleration centrifuge turntable fixture is relatively complicated, and accurate modeling, analysis and calculation are required.

  • How to choose centrifugal constant acceleration testing machines?

    There are two common types of centrifugal constant acceleration testing machines. One is the centrifugal box type, which is suitable for the constant acceleration test of electronic components and microelectronic devices; the other is the centrifugal arm

  • Calculation of basic parameters of centrifuge

    Through the analysis of the basic parameter characteristics of the centrifuge acceleration direction, acceleration value, velocity ripple, acceleration gradient, etc., effective methods for the design, use and measurement of the centrifuge are obtained.