CME Founder / General Manager - Nathan Yu

DATE: 2022-10-11 VIEW COUNT: 336

Nathan Yu
Xianyang CPPCC member
General Manager of CME Technology Co., Ltd.
Member of Xianyang Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society

Nathan Yu led the team to work hard and successfully break through to solve many technical problems. CME products serve many industry enterprises and research institutes, as well as the international market. That small private enterprise has become a professional and influential comprehensive enterprise in the industry. The 16-year development and growth of CME cannot be separated from the sense of responsibility of general manager Nathan Yu and the hard work of the employees.

In the field of research and development and production of mechanical environment and reliability test systems, we will work hard, strive for the future, and strive for innovation, grasp the trend of informatization and digital transformation, and take the company's vision of "
#Credit#Professional and #Innovation" to optimize the operation mode and continue to provide more complete reliability testing solutions for aviation, aerospace, navigation, automotive, transportation & packaging, electronics, and other fields.