CME Showroom

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At the end of October 2021, the construction of the CME showroom was fully completed. The milestone wall of the showroom more intuitively shows the growth process of CME, and always reminds the core value of CME employees: credit, professionalism and innovation. Welcome new & old friends and expert leaders to visit and guide!

CME showroom
CME Showroom
CME Showroom

CME Showroom


2006 CME was established in a rented small factory, establishing a business philosophy with credit as its core value

2008 CME expanded production & move to new factory

2011 CME moved for the second time, cooperated with a number of first-class universities to strengthen scientific and technological achievements and optimize product performance

2012 Products exported to Russia, Egypt, Venezuela, Myanmar and other countries

2014 CME moved for the third time, cooperated with CAS and other research institutes & provide testing equipment

2017 CME moved for the fourth time & Listed on the growth board of Shaanxi Equity Exchange Center (code 800059)

2018 CME was recognized as a high-tech enterprise and became the first batch of gazelle enterprises in Xianyang

2021 CME moved to its own new site in the national high-tech zone for the fifth time, further expanding the scale of production

CME Milestones

Enterprise Culture

To be a complete & best provider of reliability testing solutions 


Credit, Professional & Innovation


CME Showroom

CME Showroom
CME Showroom

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