Electro-hydraulic Vibration Table_Arrested Landing

DATE: 2022-05-10 VIEW COUNT: 228

The aircraft arrested landing simulation test is mainly used to simulate the situation where the aircraft lands at a large sinking speed and decelerates rapidly with arresting cables to achieve short-distance taxiing. The arrested landing shocks have the characteristics of transient, alternating, low frequency, large displacement, and high velocity.
This kind of low-frequency large displacement shock will accumulate obvious low cycle dynamic fatigue damage on the improperly designed airborne equipment. In addition, large-amplitude will cause plastic deformation of the material, resulting in the destruction of the product structure.
How to effectively avoid the damage to product structure by low-frequency large displacement shock?
CME electro-hydraulic vibration table can simulate arrested landing shock test, so as to evaluate the adaptability and structural integrity of the specimen to shock environment and vibration environment.