High Freqeuncy Horizontal Shock Test Machine-up to 600 shocks per min

DATE: 2021-02-08 VIEW COUNT: 432

Following is the video of customized high-frequency horizontal shock test machine, the shock rate is up to 600 times/ min. Listen to the shock rhythm, it's real.
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Model: KRD12-10A
Rated Load (kg): 10
Table Size (mm): 300×200
Max. Shock Rate (Times/Min): 600
Peak Acc. (G)
Half-Sine: 10~1200
Pulse Duration (ms)
Half-Sine: 0.3~40
Overall Dimension(mm): 3500×1000×850
Weight (kg): 1500
Standard: MIL-STD-810F IEC68-2-27