KRD60-1000 3-DOF Test System

DATE: 2021-12-07 VIEW COUNT: 443

KRD60 series table can simulate various products installed on ships, seaplanes, and other equipment to perform sway and tilt tests to determine the ability and structural integrity of the product to withstand severe sway and tilt requirements.
- Max. load (kg): 1000
- Table size (mm): 1600×1300
Tilting test angle:
- Rolling Tilting: 0°~±45°
- Pitching Tilting: 0°~±30°
Swing test angle:
- Yawing: 0°~±10°
- Rolling: 0°~±45°
- Pitching: 0°~±30°

- Three-axis linkage swing test can be realized
- The functions of roll, pitch, yawn and tilt tests can be performed on the same platform
- Based on the stable Windows OS and support automatic remote-control interface
- The operation interface is mainly based on the real-time display of data curve