CME Fire Safety Knowledge Training Course

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Fire Safety

Fire is one of the most frequent disasters in countries all over the world. In order to further improve employees’ fire safety awareness, popularize their fire safety knowledge, and improve the company’s employees’ fire-fighting skills. On July 3, 2021, CME conducted fire safety knowledge training course for everyone, and explained in detail the scope of application of various fire extinguishers, precautions and self-protection measures in the event of a fire. At the meeting, everyone listened and learned carefully.

CME fire safety course

Pay attention to fire safety and cherish life

CME also introduced the current number and location of fire-fighting equipments in our factory and demonstrated the using ways of several fire extinguishers on site.

CME fire safety course

Then, each employee was arranged to conduct hands-on practice, and through training and practical operation, the fire safety awareness of all employees and the ability to deal with fires were further improved.

CME fire safety course

Strengthening employee fire safety training and raising awareness of disaster prevention is an important part of fire safety work. Fire safety is related to the company's stable development and the lives of employees. Only by establishing the fire safety awareness of all employees and improving the use of various fire-fighting facilities can the hazards and losses caused by fires be effectively prevented and reduced.

CME fire safety course

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