Pendulum shock response spectrum testing machine

DATE: 2021-07-26 VIEW COUNT: 831

One customer requested a pendulum-type shock response spectrum testing machine, it’s one of the shock test methods. The bracket and buffer are placed on the base, and the resonance plate is installed on the bracket and can slide. When the hammer hits the resonance plate, it causes the resonance plate to vibrate. The acceleration sensor collects the shock signal, and then the computer system performs data processing to obtain the shock response spectrum curve.  #SRS #shockresponsespectrum #shocktest #pendulumshock

Model: KRD15-200B
Rated Load (kg): 200
Table Size (mm): 800×800
Response Frequency Range (Hz): 10~10K
Max. Response Acceleration (g): 5000g

Pendulum srs testing machine