CME is Offering Different Types of Shock Testing Equipment

DATE: 2022-06-20 VIEW COUNT: 206

There are various shock phenomena in the production, transportation, and operation in various industries such as aviation, aerospace, navigation, and electronics, which have a great negative impact on the quality and reliability of the products. In order to solve this problem, a shock test was produced and developed on this basis.

Shock testing machine is used to measure and determine the impact resistance of products or packaging, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of products in a shock environment. The system can perform conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, or square wave shock test to realize the shock energy that the product is subjected to in the actual environment, thereby improving the product or packaging structure. 
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CME is offering different types of equipment for mechanical shock testing:
- KRD10 Hydraulic Vertical Shock Test System
- KRD11 Pneumatic Vertical Shock Test System
- KRD12 Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System
- KRD13 High Energy Shock Test System
- KRD16 High Impact Shock Test System
- KRD17 Bidirectional Vertical Shock Test System