KRD11 Series Pneumatic Vertical Shock Test System

DATE: 2022-07-11 VIEW COUNT: 300

KRD11 series is a full-automatic pneumatic lifting vertical #shock test system. The system can perform both shock and bump tests. It can perform classical #half-sine wave, post-peak #sawtooth wave, #trapezoid wave and other waveform shock tests.

- Windows-based control system can accurately complete shock test
- Full 
#pneumatic driving, clean and environmentally friendly
- Maximum shock rate up to 120 times per minute
- High-strength cast aluminum table, with higher first-order resonance frequency, low noise, and no clutter
- One-stop shock measurement and control system, users only need input value and start
- Dual guide pillar: combined with pneumatic balance lifting system, no noise, automatic positioning
- Foundation free: The equipment comes with an isolation base, no special foundation is required 
#shocktesting #CME #KRD #bumptesting