KRD12 Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System

DATE: 2023-03-21 VIEW COUNT: 361

Today, battery technology is developing at a breathtaking pace. The safety and reliability testing needs of the batteries are growing as well. KRD12 series horizontal shock test system is suitable for various battery testing procedures, meeting the battery testing standards such as UN38.3, IEC62281, IEC62133-2, UL2054, SAE J2464, SAE J2929, ISO12405-3, and UL2580.

Typical shock energy specifications:                        High shock energy specifications:        
-75g@11ms                                                                -60g@45ms                                                
-50g@11ms                                                                -90g@20ms

-75g@3ms                                                                  -70g@45ms

-25g@18ms                                                                -150g@15ms