Why do we adopt SRS test machine to simulate shock environment?

DATE: 2023-03-27 VIEW COUNT: 250

The shock response spectrum is the total results of a series of single-degree-of-freedom linear systems with different natural frequencies subjected to the same shock excitation response. The product is subjected to shock, and the maximum value of its shock response means that the product has the greatest stress, that is, the specimen has the greatest deformation. Therefore, the maximum acceleration of the shock response is directly related to the cause of the damage and failure caused by the shock of the product, which leads to the maximum shock response spectrum. When a product is subjected to an impact, the maximum value of its impact response means that the product has maximum stress. Therefore, the shock response spectrum tester can better simulate the shock wave and shock energy suffered in the real environment.

KRD14/15 series shock response spectrum test system is shock test equipment with a novel design, high degree of automation, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is widely adopted in the aviation and aerospace industries. If there are any inquiries, please contact CME: [email protected]