KRD20-500 Pneumatic Bump Test Machine

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KRD20 series pneumatic bump test machine
–    Fully pneumatic driven
–    Control the frequency of bumps by adjusting the gas pressure
–    Test time and bump rate can be set arbitrarily
–    Shock test for battery packs more than 500kg, we recommend use KRD20 bump test machine
–    KRD20 bump test machine is suitable for large size battery pack, and with middle acceleration and large pulse duration, such as: 16g@60ms, 24g@16ms, 25g@15ms, 50g@11ms, 50g@15ms
Model: KRD20-500
Load (kg): 500
Table Size (mm): 1000×1000
Shock Waveform: half-sine
Peak Acceleration(g): 3~80
Pulse Duration (ms): 3~30
Bump Rate (Times/min): 100
Bump Distance Adjusted Automatically (mm): 150
Standard: MIL-STD-810F IEC68-2-29
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KRD20-500 bump test machine