Shaanxi TV Visited the Xianyang High-tech Industry Upgrade Demonstration Base for Interview and Report

DATE: 2021-08-12 VIEW COUNT: 758

On August 12, 2021, Shaanxi Satellite TV visited the Xianyang High-tech Industry Upgrade Demonstration Base for interview and report. CME is honored to be selected as the representative company for the interview. The theme of this report is "Heroes per acre", which embodies the concept of scientific development and intensive development. It no longer simply takes scale as the standard, but emphasizes the high quality of development. To a certain extent, it can reduce the problem of resources and land idle.

CME Factory Interview

CME technical director Hu Junwen accepted the interview on the theme of this report. The content of the interview was three sections:

1. Company profile

2. Our main products, mainly explained hydraulic vibration shaker

3. Acres of heroes, telling about CME is how to obtain the largest output value with the smallest investment, and the characteristics of our company's product innovation, finally thank the government of Xianyang High-tech Zone for the assistance given to our company.


The interview have demonstrated the rapid development of CME in recent years, contributed to the national aerospace, military manufacturing and other fields, and also contributed to the GDP of Xianyang High-tech Zone. At the same time, CME will continue to innovate in the future. Do our own products, realize higher output value, and implement the development concept of "Heroes per acre" to the end.