KRD50-2000 Transportation Simulation Test System

DATE: 2021-11-15 VIEW COUNT: 502

KRD50 series transportation simulation test system is to simulate the actual road conditions such as shocks and vibrations during the transportation of various items of a specific load, and to evaluate the effect of the actual working conditions on the loading, unloading, transportation, packaging, sealing or internal structure of the goods. In order to assess or confirm the products and packaging. It can replace the actual traffic testing, and complete the road transportation simulation test of packaged or unpackaged products in the laboratory. 


- Model: KRD50-2000

- Max. Load (kg): 2000 

- GRMS of Acceleration (g): 0.32 

- Simulated Truck Speed (km/h): 20~80 

- Working Table Size (mm): 2700×1800 

- Overall Dimension (mm): 2950×2250×1250 

- Weight (kg): 6000 

- Vibration Waveform: Broadband Random

- Instantaneous Probability Density Function: Approximately normal distribution

- Simulated Pavement: intermediate pavement in tertiary highways & intermediate and low pavement in fourth highways


- The method of subband approach is used to simulate broadband random vibration

- Adopt truck chassis suspension technology, the acceleration factor can be adjusted

- AC variable frequency control

- Foundation free, no other complicated operation or installation