KRD50 Transportation Simulation Test System

DATE: 2023-05-25 VIEW COUNT: 101

KRD50 series transportation simulation test system replaces the actual car running, and the real car running is moved to the laboratory for testing. The simulation conditions are a random vibration environment generated when the vehicle travels at a speed of 20-80km/h on a medium-level pavement of a third-level or fourth-level highway. The test equipment can assess the adaptability of the product under the packaging or unpacking, withstand the vibration of vehicle transportation and evaluate the structural integrity.
- It is especially suitable for transportation tests on large-scale and large-mass products.
- The system adopts combined spring suspension, which can achieve the vibration isolation effect without special foundation.
- The technical specifications of the equipment are adjusted once by the manufacturer before leaving the factory.
- The method of subband approach is used to simulate broadband random vibration.
- Adopt truck chassis suspension technology, the acceleration factor can be adjusted.
- No need special foundation