CME Motion Simulation Test System

DATE: 2023-05-17 VIEW COUNT: 118

KRD60 series 3-DOF (tilt & sway) test system simulates various mechanical, electrical, and electronic products installed on #ships#seaplanes, and other equipment to perform #sway and #tilt tests to determine the ability and structural integrity of the product to withstand severe sway and tilt requirements. The tilt test mainly applies to large-angle tilt caused by ship damage, manipulation, #imbalance in loading and unloading, and wind. The sway test is mainly applicable to the long-term swaying of the ship due to external forces such as wind and waves, which must be maintained normally, products that work reliably, and products that have a significant impact on their performance in a #rocking environment.
KRD61 series 6-DOF test system is a closed-loop servo simulation platform consisting of six servo actuators and six sets of dedicated hinges connected at the top and bottom platforms respectively. It is widely applied as testing or training simulators in 
#aircraft, vessels, #helicopters taking off and landing, #automotive, train, earthquake, motion movies, entertainment equipment and other fields. It can even be used for docking #spacecraft and for refueling aerial tankers. In the processing industry, it can be made into six-axis linkage machine tools, intelligent robots, etc. #motionsimulation #CME