KRD51-200 Transportation Bounce Test System

DATE: 2023-04-19 VIEW COUNT: 225

When transported on the road, packages may experience bounces on the vehicle floor, bumps and friction with the vehicle floor. The transportation bounce test produces random impacts on the specimen similar to those experienced during transportation.

KRD51 series transportation bounce testing machine is mainly suitable for simulating the constant loose cargo state of the bulk product transport process of random impact environmental testing.

KRD51-200 Transportation Bounce Test System

- Max. Load: 200Kg

- Displacement (P-P): 25.4mm

- Frequency: 2~5Hz (120~300RPM)

- Motion mode: 25.4mm circular motion

- Table size (L×W): 1900×1300mm

- Speed-up mode: adopt frequency speed-control and automatic speed increase

- Control mode: fully automatic PLC control; free adjustment and easy operation

- Operation mode: true color full-touch screen operation, convenient and quick

- Standards: ISTA-1A,1B,1C,1D,2A,2B, 6-FedEx-B ASTM-D999 ISO-2247 MIL-STD-810G FED-101