CME is committed to providing complete reliability test solutions

DATE: 2023-04-10 VIEW COUNT: 186

CME Technology was established in 2006, located in Xianyang city, China. We have been dedicated to R&D and manufacturing mechanical environment and reliability test equipment for over 16 years. We focus on offering solutions for mechanical environment simulation, our products include shock /bump test systems, drop testers, transportation simulation test tables, hydraulic vibration shakers, multi-DOF motion simulation tables, centrifugal constant acceleration testers, packaging test machines and etc.

"CME" brand products have been provided many reliability test solutions for various fields such as aviation, aerospace, navigation, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, etc., which have been well received in the industry.

Think what customers think, we provide complete and suitable solutions for customers with all kinds of reliability test equipment and also non-standard test equipment.