New Product Release-KRD17 Pneumatic Bidirectional Shock Test System

DATE: 2021-07-27 VIEW COUNT: 655

CME new product series released!
KRD17 series is a fully automatic pneumatic lifting and bidirectional shock test system. It is a vertical shock test system with novel design, high degree of automation, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is especially used in the field of battery testing. It measures and determines the impact resistance of battery products without turning over the battery products, and assesses the functional reliability and structural integrity of the battery in an impact environment.
This bidirectional shock test machine is composed of a circulating air storage cylinder, a pneumatic self-locking control mechanism up and down each, a forward impact plate, a reverse impact plate, a locking mechanism, a base and other parts. The circulating accumulator is used as the shock power cylinder. The pneumatic brake device locks the table at the set position. The circulating accumulator is inflated. After the air pressure reaches the set value, the locking device is controlled to release, and the circulating storage cylinder drives the table to accelerate upward and downward movement, and impacts the waveform generator on the impact plate to produce the required shock waveform.
1. Circulating storage cylinder: strong impact, fast speed and low air consumption
2. Adopt full pneumatic drive: simple structure, high reliability, no pollution
3. Automatic control of lifting height: The software automatically lifts the console surface to the set height, with high accuracy and good repeatability. The height measurement is completed by the ultrasonic displacement sensor.
4. Multi-track guide pillar: combined with pneumatic balance lifting system, no noise, fully automatic positioning table
5. Free foundation: the equipment comes with high-performance buffer and vibration isolation device, no special foundation is needed, and it is easy to install

KRD17 Pneumatic Bidirectional Shock Test System